Connection Through Radical Acceptance

"Sarah is incredibly kind, uplifting, genuine, and full of wisdom. I am so grateful to have connected with her."

Community Building

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Communication is about so much more than what you say. It’s how you say it and how the other person receives it. Recognizing how each of us has different ways of communicating decreases hurt and increases connection. 

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Connecting to others starts with yourself. Knowing who you are and what you stand for guides you in all interactions and strengthens confidence and decreases anxiety. 

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fall in love with Yourself

Increased Clarity

Understand yourself with greater clarity so you're able to make more confident decisions ad feel more fulfilled.

Increased Trust

Learn how to be trustworthy and how to offer trust to others in a way that strengthens relationships and offers confidence when problems occur.

Supportive Community

I offer both free and paid online communities. These communities offer opportunities to explore ideas and learn how to have hard conversations with the people who matter.

Peace At Home

By developing stronger connections we decrease our stress response and increase our resourcefulness. In other words there's less fighting and less worry at home.

Increased Confidence

Knowing you have control over your life gives you more opportunity to make real choices in life. When you feel in control, you have more confidence.

More Connection

Understand what actions build connection and how to use that connection to build your own communities.

Create beautiful Connections

Join our Free Facebook community. In Community Building For Powerful Women, we talk about how to step into our own power by connecting with ourselves so we can connect with others.