Connection Through Radical Acceptance

My Mission

My mission is simple. I want to help you create a life filled with positive, respectful relationships. I want to make the world a little better by helping people connect with each other, even when they disagree. 

"Sarah is incredibly kind, uplifting, genuine, and full of wisdom. I am so grateful to have connected with her."

Build Community

Build stronger communities by connecting with the people in who matter to you, and being open to those you don’t know yet. I help you define, and connect, to your communities, so your world will be happier and more fulfilled.


Communication is how we share and receive information with and from others. You can develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills so there will be fewer misunderstandings and greater acceptance of each other. This means that when you disagree with each other, you actually grow stronger together.


Connecting to others starts with yourself. Knowing who you are, and what you stand for, guides you in all interactions; it  strengthens confidence and decreases anxiety. Discover what your core values are and how to use them to create stronger relationships.

Connection Coaching

Increased Clarity

Understand yourself and what you want so you can create relationships that fulfill you and let you know you belong.

Increased Trust

Build trust through consistent action. Define what you want each day and receive support to follow through and create lasting change in your relationships.

Supportive Community

All former and current coaching clients are welcome to join my exclusive community. This private community offers the opportunity to connect with others who also want to create fulfilling, respectful relationships. It's also an easy way to ask for extra guidance or help when needed.

Peace At Home

Strong social connections decrease the stress response and increase resourcefulness. In other words: less fight and more love.

Increased Confidence

Confidence comes when you know what you need to do, how to do it, and also follow through. When we work together I provide daily support to keep you accountable and help you build your confidence.

More Connection

Take what you learn in your coaching journey and use it to improve all relationships so that you feel more confident and happy in all areas of life.

Create beautiful Connections

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