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    Being A Cancer Warrior

    Cancer. A fully loaded word. A word that fills our minds with images of pain, death, and hair loss. It fills us with fear, even if the word isn’t being given to us directly. Five years ago I had a one year old little boy (and also three year old, five year old, and six year old little girls). We’d just returned home from Disney World, where our little boy took his first steps. Awww! My heart melts when I see this picture! We returned home and my oldest daughter and I were playing. She accidentally kicked me in the breast, and it HURT! Not a big deal. Except where…

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    Use Of Seclusion Rooms In Schools

    Seclusion rooms in schools. They’re a thing. They’re a thing that were soon to be banned in our province (Alberta) for the upcoming school year, but the new government has rescinded that ban and will again allow the use of seclusion rooms. When I heard about the ban being lifted I felt deeply troubled and wanted to share my thoughts. I posted to facebook (you can see that post below) I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I got was an amazing dialogue with so many different people. I had comments, private messages, and even a phone call where I talked with people who have used seclusion rooms, have…

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    Boundaries: The Essential Guide

    Boundaries are the lines we don’t want others to cross. When someone brushes against our boundaries, we often feel uncomfortable, angry, or afraid. How we feel is in large part related to whether we’ve identified the boundary previously as well as whether or not we’ve communicated that boundary. Everyone has dozens or more boundaries for each person in their life, including their partners, coworkers, and the teller at the grocery store. When you clearly know what your boundaries are, then you’re able to clearly communicate those boundaries to others. Boundaries are not the same as rules. Rules are things we make up to protect our boundaries. This is why it’s…