Refine Your Niche: The Ultimate Guide

Niche is understanding who you help and exactly what you offer. Refine your niche and create clarity for both you and your clients about what to expect, and identify if you’re delivering what you say you offer. Knowing your niche is the single most important thing you can do for your business.

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes researching how to start your own blog or business, then you know niche matters. But you may ask yourself why it matters and want to know how to figure out what niche to focus on. Below is the ultimate guide to help you clarify your niche.

Why Niche Matters

Knowing your niche and communicating it to your potential followers and readers is the most effective way to let them know whether to keep reading or not.

There’s two big reasons why niche matters to your business. The first reason is often talked about.

  • When your niche is clear a reader quickly knows whether what you offer is likely to help them or not. This increases growth potential for your business. If readers or potential clients don’t understand what you do or what you offer, then they’re not likely to continue following you.

The second reason is even more important, but not talked about as often.

  • Understanding your niche clarifies to you what you should focus on in your business. If you’re niche is broad (i.e I want to help people transform their lives) then it’s hard to know what topics to write or talk about. It’s hard to know what to focus on in any aspect of your business.

The third reason niche matters is tied to both of the other two reasons.

  • Being clear with your niche increases trust. Your clients trust that you can and will help them and you trust that you’re capable of providing what you offer. This increases confidence in yourself and your business.

Now that you understand why niche matters, let’s talk about some of the different types of niches.

Types Of Niches

There are two main types of niches: people centric and offer centric. People centric niches focus on who you serve. Offer Centric niches focus on what problem you help solve.

The greatest niche clarity comes when you understand and clarify both your people and offer centric niches.

  • People Centric

    People centric niches focus on the type of person you serve. This may be broad such as business owners or very specific such as single mothers who’s baby daddy is in prison.
  • Offer Centric

    Offer centric niches focus on the problem you help solve for the people in your people centric niche. This may be specific such as accelerating growth and profit through community and connection creation. Or it may be very broad such as supporting you to live a more positive life.

The more broad your people centric niche is, the more refined your offer centric niche needs to be. Conversely the more refined your people centric niche, the more broad your offer centric niche should be. It is possible to have both a very refined people centric and offer centric niche, it may mean it’s harder to increase profits or it may be harder t find your people, but it is possible to be successful in this way.

Scripts To Help Your Business Grow

Having too broad of a people centric and also too broad of an offer centric niche means readers and potential clients won’t know what you offer. You may get clients, but it is likely to be sporadic.

Now that you know why niche matters and also understand the different types of niches, it’s time to figure out your own niche!

Ways To Refine Your Niche

For the purpose of this post I’m going based on the assumption that you already know what you do. For instance you might be a coach, or a spiritual healer, reiki master, network marketer or any other title you want to give yourself.

To refine your niche you can start with all the ways your profession helps people, then refine what parts interest you the most, what you’re good at both as part of your profession and outside your profession.

Finding My Niche

Before becoming a coach, I was a homeschooling mama, a gardener, a toy maker, and a wire artist. I also mentored other mothers to help them use empathy to increase connection with their children. Before that I was a registered nurse. Before that I worked at a call centre, I also worked at Disney World, and as a research assistant (data collection).

When trying to figure out what my niche was I used advice that focused on my profession, but it didn’t help me see what was really important to me.

What helped was looking at what I was good at in day to day life and what I enjoyed. I realized that the theme that wove through all the different things I’ve done in the past was community. Once I reached that realization, I was able to see how I could use coaching and community building to create the transformative changes I was really excited to help others create.

  • What are you good at personally and professionally?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • What is your favourite part of your profession?
  • What transformation do you want to help others create?
  • What are your core values?

When you answer these questions you’ll find your niche pops right out at you.

If you’d like guidance to answer these questions and to take your business from unclear to profitable, then set up a free Community Building Consult call with me to learn how I can help you.

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Sarah Langner has been learning how to build community since elementary school, she's been actively building communities her entire adult life and is excited to show you how to build your own communities so you can grow your business and extend your reach.


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